Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Delhi

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Delhi

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Delhi - 32 Strong

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the removal of a decayed or rotten tooth from the mouth. Many patients may have concerns and fears about tooth extraction, but at 32 Strong dental clinic in Delhi, our experts are dedicated to addressing all your doubts and ensuring a painless procedure.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help clear your doubts about tooth extraction:

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Preserving natural teeth is essential, and every effort should be made to do so. However, there are situations where extraction is advised, such as severe tooth decay or poor periodontal conditions. Wisdom tooth problems also often require extraction.

Will tooth extraction be painful?

At 32 Strong, tooth extraction in Delhi is performed with utmost care and in a compassionate manner to ensure patient comfort. Dental extraction involves the careful removal of the tooth from the dental socket within the alveolar bone.

Can the extraction procedure be completely painless?

Tooth extraction at 32 Strong in Delhi can be a completely painless experience. Our surgeons thoroughly examine the patient’s medical history, overall oral health, and X-ray records of the affected tooth. In some cases, when there is an infection present, immediate extraction may be delayed until antibiotic prophylaxis is administered.

Do I need to take any medications before or after tooth extraction?

After a detailed assessment, if there is a localized infection, immediate extraction may be postponed. Antibiotic prophylaxis is given for a few days before the extraction. After the extraction, our doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and analgesics to aid in post-operative healing.

What are the different types of extraction treatments available in Delhi?

There are two types of extraction techniques:

Simple Extraction: This method is used for teeth that are easily visible within the mouth. The dentist uses an elevator to loosen the tooth from the jawbone and then uses forceps to remove it.

Surgical Extraction: This technique is more advanced and complex than simple extraction. At 32 Strong, our highly qualified oral surgeons perform surgical extractions when necessary. In some cases, stitches may be required, which are typically removed after seven days.

Will there be pain after the extraction is done?

Patients may experience mild discomfort and pain for a few days after tooth extraction, although this varies from person to person. Generally, healthy individuals do not experience significant post-operative complications.

How can I manage the pain from the needle prick during the procedure?

Our dentists at 32 Strong dental clinic in Delhi take all necessary measures to ensure patient comfort during the extraction procedure. They apply a local anesthetic jelly to numb the area where the needle will be inserted. Carefully administered local anesthesia is then used at the extraction site.

Why should I get my wisdom tooth extracted?

The eruption of the third molar, commonly known as wisdom tooth, between the ages of 18 to 23 can cause problems such as swollen gums and reduced mouth opening. After taking proper X-rays, if the clinician determines that there is insufficient jaw space, surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth may be advised.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Wisdom tooth extraction can sometimes require a surgical procedure, which may involve stitches in the oral cavity. However, there is no need to worry, as our experts at 32 Strong dental clinic in Delhi strive to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Will I have loose gums after extraction?

It is a myth that gums become loose after extraction. The normal healing period typically takes two to three weeks after extraction. The missing tooth area is completely covered by gums, and new bone gradually forms.

Will tooth extraction affect my eyesight?

Another misconception is that upper tooth extraction can lead to loss of eyesight. Tooth extraction has no relation to eyesight, and it is completely safe to have your teeth extracted if necessary.

Why choose 32 Strong for extraction treatment in Delhi?

If you are facing any dental difficulties or infections, 32 Strong is the leading dental clinic for tooth extraction in Delhi. We provide the best extraction treatments and dental care at cost-effective prices. All extraction procedures are performed by qualified oral surgeons.

What is the cost of wisdom tooth extraction?

At our dental clinic in Delhi, the charges for wisdom tooth extraction are nominal. We recommend a proper dental check-up before undergoing tooth extraction. You can book your appointment with our experts to know the exact cost.

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