Night Guards and Athletic Guards

Night Guards and Athletic Guards

Night Guards:  If you are suffering from intense pain in your teeth, jaw, or facial muscles, it could be due to bruxism or tooth grinding. Luckily, Dr. Pooja Jain can provide relief by prescribing a custom-made nightguard or bite splint. This device, worn during sleep, can effectively mitigate the pain caused by grinding your teeth. By protecting your healthy teeth, a nightguard is a proactive measure towards preserving your oral health. The nightguard is a clear, thin, and removable appliance that fits over either your upper or lower teeth.

Athletic Guards: It is crucial to use a mouthguard during any physical activity that could result in a blow to the face or mouth. We offer custom-fit mouthguards that can prevent broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, and jaw. Unlike boil-and-bite mouthguards from sporting goods stores, our custom-fit mouthguards are more comfortable and secure, allowing you to breathe and speak normally.

If you have decided a guard is right for you, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth which will then be sent to our lab to make a custom fit guard for you.

Dr. Pooja Jain: Best Mouth Guard doctors in East Of Kailash

Dr. Pooja Jain, a highly skilled dentist in East of Kailash, is recognized as one of the best doctors for mouth guards. With her expertise and commitment to patient care, she provides top-notch mouth guard solutions to protect your teeth and ensure your oral health.

Mouth guards are essential for individuals engaged in sports or those who grind their teeth at night. Dr. Pooja Jain understands the importance of safeguarding your teeth from potential damage and offers personalized mouth guard options tailored to your specific needs.

If you are in search of a reliable dentist for mouth guards in East of Kailash, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pooja Jain today. Experience personalized care and receive a high-quality, custom-fitted mouth guard to protect your teeth and enjoy peace of mind during physical activities or while sleeping.

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