ALL-on-4 implant

ALL-on-4 implant

This is used for rehabilitation of totally edentulous patients with placement of 4 titanium implants in each jaw through a minimally invasive procedure.It offers full arch replacement on just 4 implants supporting 12 teeth in each jaw. It is cost efficient, graft less solution for restoration of full arch with fixed prosthesis on the day of the surgery. This technique stabilizes bone level, keeping the jaw healthy. The result is a fixed (non removable)natural looking dentition.

How is it different from denture?

  1. These are permanent teeth that can be  brushed and cleaned like natural teeth.
  2. Do not have to be removed.
  3. Do not need adhesives.
  4. Comfortable while using as they do not press down on gums.
  5. Allows you to experience the hot and cold temperatures of your food.
  6. Prevent further bone deterioration.
  7. Restore your facial features.
Duration of implant surgery?

Approx 2.5 hours per arch.

What is the success rate with All-on-4 implants?

98% success rate.

Who is the ideal patient for All-on-4 implants?                                                                        

Someone who is currently wearing dentures or who needs denture in future.

Benefits of All-on-4 implant

Stability even in minimum bone volume.

Good clinical results.

Minimally invasive technique.

Prosthetic flexibility- hybrid denture or fixed PFM DMLS prosthesis

Increased efficiency – shorter treatment time and improved patient satisfaction.

Graftless procedure

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